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  • Padilla Bay, Skagit County
  • Sedro-Woolley July 4th Carnival and Fireworks
  • Lberty Bell, North Cascades Highway
  • Night sky at Shi Shi Beach
  • Padilla Bay
  • Palouse Falls State Park


Mount Rainier

This image was taken at the Crystal Mountain Ski Resort. We rode the gondola up, stayed the night and got some wonderful pics. The two lines of lights on the mountains flank are climbers going up to the summit.

Mount Rainier from Crystal Mountain

Mount Rainier from Crystal Mountain

Photography Classes Coming this Fall!

Photography Classes with Andy Porter

I have just scheduled more Photography Classes for the fall! These classes will be taught in Burlington, Wa.

Click here for more details and an enrollment form: a Photography Classes by Andy Porter

There will be two separate classes. First is a class on how to use your DSLR Camera. I have now ‘graduated’ more than 100 students from this class and it has been a big success.

Take Better Pictures with Your Digital DSLR Camera-$40 1 Day Class
Wednesday, September 17 6:00pm-8:30pm
Saturday, September 20 10:00am-12:30pm
Wednesday, October 22 6:00pm-8:30pm
Saturday, October 25 10am-12:30pm

In this class you will learn how to shoot in manual mode, how to set aperture and shutter speed and ISO to get the best possible shots! We will cover how to bracket your exposure, the use of polarizer’s, the benefits of capturing images in the RAW Format and more. There will be LOTS of hands on and opportunities to ask questions.

The second class is NEW. Once you have learned how to use your camera the next question is how to compose a great shot AND how to edit the images on your computer.

*Photography Composition and Basic Editing-$80 2 Day Class

Wednesday’s October 8 &15 6:00pm-9:00pm
Saturday’s November 1 & 8 10:00am-1:00pm

This 2 day/6 hr session photography class will cover Image Composition and Photo Editing.
Day 1: We’ll cover subject placement, use of the horizon, reflections, leading lines, the Rule of Thirds, framing and more. You’ll receive a photo assignment to complete before the next class.
Day 2: Together we’ll review your assignment images and then delve into how to edit your images on the computer, covering cropping, color adjustment, filters and all sorts of amazing stuff to make your images pop!
*Must have the basic knowledge of how to use their DSLR camera before enrolling in this class.

Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions about the classes.

Padilla Bay, Skagit County

Padilla Bay, Skagit County

Wheat Field at Sunset

Yesterday, late in the gloomy afternoon, the clouds commenced to part. I headed towards the water. Capturing images of the marsh and trees and a wonderful old barn I was transfixed. The sun left, departed and so did I. As I returned to the car a sudden streak of sunlight out witted the clouds and let go of one last shout.
Luckily, by then, I had pulled over and managed to find a vantage point snap this shot.

Padilla Bay, Skagit County

Padilla Bay, Skagit County

July 4th Carnival and Fireworks

The bright colors are like a bug light for me!
Sedro-Woolley July 4th Carnival and Fireworks

Sedro-Woolley July 4th Carnival and Fireworks

Sedro-Woolley July 4th Carnival and Fireworks

Sedro-Woolley July 4th Carnival and Fireworks

Sedro-Woolley July 4th Carnival and Fireworks

North Cascades Highway

Liberty Bell from the Washington Pass Overlook along the North Cascades Highway, Washington
Liberty Bell new tech 101 flat layers

Astrophotography Images – Recent Efforts

Capturing nighttime images along the coast is a challenge, so much moisture in the air cuts down star visibility. However this image from Shi Shi Beach came out okay. The glow on the horizon is the small town of Neah Bay. And there are several campfires along the shore. Night sky at Shi Shi Beach

Zion National Park is famous for its night skies, this image is taken on the bridge along the main park road, looking down the Virgin River. Orion really shines in this shot!
Zion National Park: Virgin River and Orion

The Baker River is a wild river, its northern end far away from any signs of civilization. The streaks in the sky are satellites.
Baker River Stars and Footbridge

This last image is from Palouse Falls State Park, in eastern Washington. The campfire in the canyon illuminated the walls with a wonderful orange glow…
Paliuse Falls and Milky Way

Padilla Bay: Barn and Tree, Water and Sky

The Padilla Bay Estuary offers some wonderful opportunities for imaging. The pathway leads through an open scene of grasses, water and several lone trees…
Padilla Bay
padilla tree 2m
Padilla Bay

The abandoned barn and old, rusted equipment provide alluring back drops…
Padilla Bay

Padilla Bay

Padilla Bay

As the sun goes down it all glows with colors.
Padilla Bay

Padilla Bay

Padilla Bay

Padilla Bay

Soon the colors change from blues to reds…
Padilla Bay

Padilla Bay

The panoramas are endless…
Padilla Bay Panorama

Palouse Falls: Sunset, Starlight and Sunrise

I drove the 5+ hours to Palouse Falls with the intent to capture an image at night. the forecast called for mostly clear skies and the moon was just past new, so I reckoned that I had a good chance to get some nice shots.

There is a camp ground at Palouse State Park, first come, first serve, so I arrived at about 10:30am got a spot, set up the tent and headed out to explore the Palouse.

I arrived back in the late afternoon and started to explore the view points from which to capture images. Soon the sun began to go down and I started shooting.
Palouse Falls State Park

Once the sun dropped low enough there was nice lighting on the canyon walls and the clouds started to perk up.
Palouse Falls State Park

Once the sun set I crawled in the tent and zonked out, setting my internal alarm clock to awaken when the stars were out! At about 1am my eyes popped open and, peering out of the tent I saw stars! I was quickly at the edge of the canyon with my gear.

The Milky Way was visible, arcing above the basin! I was in luck!
Palouse Falls State Park

I was surprised to see light emanating from the bottom of the canyon, at the base of the falls…wondering if someone was there with flash lights, I hurriedly got set up and started shooting…the canyon walls were aglow with colors.
Palouse Falls State Park

Then I realized the light source was a camp fire! Some wonderfully prescient people had started a fire on the waters edge! The effect was better than any I could have imagined.
Palouse Falls State Park

After clicking away for some time I finally retired to the tent, exhausted from the driving and little sleep. But I did not sleep long! I awoke again at about 4:30 am when the morning light was just giving a glow to the horizon to the east. I figured that I didn’t drive all this was to sleep, so I popped up and got out to try my luck at capturing some of the delicate morning photons bouncing off the cliff walls. Palouse Falls State Park

Palouse Falls State Park

Palouse Falls State Park

After about 2 hours of ogling I was done. By 6:30 I was back in the car staring the long drive back across the mountains to my home…

Go backpacking and learn photography! Trip schedule for 2014.

I live in the North Cascades, in Washington, one of the most scenic parts of the US. Every summer I go on backpacking trips and take pictures. I am always happy to have company.

The schedule this year is loosely based around the moon cycle. And the weather!!! I am currently into nighttime imaging, trying to capture the Milky Way and so am planning to be at certain spots when there is little or no moon. If any of these places sound interesting, at the end are more details about coming along on the trips.

Park Butte Lookout, Mount Baker. June 26 or 27
This is a short, overnight trip. Maybe 4 miles to get there. I am looking at June 26th or 27th. You can stay over night in the lookout. There will definitely be snow on the route and at the lookout. Park Butte Lookout Mount Baker Mount Baker from the Park Butte Trail

Snowy Lakes July 18, 19 and 20
Snowy Lakes 23 miles 3,000eg This trail starts at Rainy Pass on Highway 20 and heads north on the PCT, passing Cutthroat and Granite Passes. Wonderfully scenic trail, unsurpassed views. I am leaning towards 3 days for this hike. Cutthroat Pass Panorama View from Cutthroat Pass I am not sure that this trail will be melted out enough at this date, could possibly reschedule this trip for August.

Upper Cathedral Lake. July 24th to 29th
This is a 55 mile RT hike, starting on the east side of the Pasayten Wilderness, its a wonderfully scenic trail, start at a high elevation and mostly on ridges to the lake, passing Tungsten Mine, a great early season hike, maybe mid July. 5/6 days. The Upper Cathedral Lake Basin is one of the most scenic spots I’ve visited, would be perfect for dark skies and Milky Way shooting. Amphitheater Mountain, Pasayten Wilderness Amphitheater Mountain and Upper Cathedral Lake, Pasayten Wilderness

Skyline Divide August 1, 2 or 3? This would be a short overnight trip. I hiked this trail last year for the first time. The trail was snow covered. What amazing views! Definitely on the list this year, maybe late July for the flowers. 3.5 miles one way, 2,000 eg skyline 1em Skyline Divide Trail

Sahale Glacier Camp. September 5,6 or 7 I go to this camp site each year. Its is the best camping spot in Washington. This is a 2 day trip. Sahale Glacier Camp, North Cascades National Park

Spider Gap – Buck Creek Pass Loop – August 23 to 28
Spider Meadows Loop 53 miles, 10,400 eg I have never done this loop but the more I read about it, the more I am determined to get ‘er done. This is the year! The side trips to Image Lake, Flower Dome and Middle Ridge sound awesome!

Enchantments 14 miles 4,700 eg Via Aasgard Pass What can be said about the Enchantments that’s not covered by the name! In early October the larch turn the core area into a true wonderland of color. I have a permit (for 4 people) to do this trip Oct. 1 to 5.
trees 2em Enchantments: Larch and snow!

Maple Pass Loop I will no doubt get this hike in sometime, I have done this several times, always a fantastic trip…this is one of the only hikes I would do as a day hike. 7.2 miles (loop) 2,185 eg Maple Pass Loop Storm em Storm from Maple Pass

Here are few more hikes I’d like to do, not sure when…
Lookout Mountain I have never been here, it sounds like a brutal hike, would be another wonderful spot to stay overnight when there is no moon or clouds… trip one way is 4.7 miles, 4,444 eg
Yellow Aster Butte This hike has been on the list for quite a while, but I have never made it happen, would be a great September hike. 3.5 miles, 2,440 eg
Hidden Lake Lookout I have been to this lookout before, although never managed to stay overnight in it…probably need to go on a Tues or Wed… 3.7 miles, 3,200 eg (one way)

Trip details: I live in Sedro-Woolley, on the North Cascades Highway. You would need to get here and then we would car pool to the trail head. If you dont have all the equipment needed, I have lots of extra stuff, packs, bags, and tents. There are several benefits to having company: one is someone to talk to and another is someone to help carry stuff! Sharing a stove, tent etc makes it a lot lighter.
I generally hike 8 to 12 miles a day. If you’re new to photography and want to learn, I am happy to share any knowledge I have as we hike. If you’re an experienced photographer, you can teach me! If you have any questions about going on any trips, please email me at:

Art on display at the Skagit Valley Food Co-op

Palouse Falls and camp fire Palouse Falls This print will arrive this coming week, and I am excited to see it!

During the entire month of July I will have my prints on display at the Skagit Valley Food Co-op, in Mount Vernon.
Zion Subway Panorama Left Fork Canyon, Zion National Park This print is a panorama and is quite stunning.

The prints will be displayed upstairs, in the dining area.
Sahale Glacier Camp, North Cascades National Park Sahale Glacier Camp, North Cascades National Park Here is another panorama, 15″ x 42″, it is big and beautiful

Every month the Co-op offers their space to artists to display their work, each for a month showing.
Northwest Travel May June 2014 North Fork Bridge Creek and Mount Logan, North Cascades National Park This water fall is in a cirque carpeted with wildflowers and surrounded by waterfalls streaming down from Mount Logan…

The waiting list is almost 2 years! And they do not ask for a percent of your sales!
sunset through an open window Sunset through an open window This print will make your wall look like a window!

I will have a wide range of prints on display, ranging from $80 for 12 x 18″ canvas wrapped prints, to $180 for some of the large pieces, 24″ x 36″ or 15″ x 40″ canvas prints. If you’d like to order prints, contact me and I can have them shipped directly to your home. And you can choose the size as well!

boat 6 Samish River This print recently won 1st Place in a contest…

1098369_679024302154650_238131136_n Skagit Valley Tulips at Sunrise This print is big, 24 x 36, and very bright!

All of the images in this post will be on display/sale!
Morning at Sahale Glacier Camp Morning at Sahale Glacier Camp In September this image will be displayed in the Smithsonian , in Wash. DC. as a part of th 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act.

Sequim Balloon Festival 2012, getting inflated! Sequim Balloon Festival Who doesn’t like balloons?

Liberty Bell from North Cascades Highway Liberty Bell Mountain, North Cascades Highway Liberty Bell is one of the iconic sights in Washington. This was cpatured from the Washington Pass Overlook.


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