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Maple Pass – Lake Ann Loop, North Cascades

The weather forecast called for a 40% chance of thunder showers, a perfect afternoon to head up into the North Cascades.

Lake Ann, from the Maple Pass Trail.

Lake Ann, from the Maple Pass Trail.

Lake Ann framed in Fireweed

Lake Ann framed in Fireweed

The 7-mile loop trail is perfect. The parking area is right off of the highway, at Rainy Pass which is about 4,800 ft elevation. The trail switchbacks up through thick forest, swings along side an open curved slope and climbs to the junction with a spur trail to Lake Ann. Continuing up, you break out of the trees as the path angles up, above the lake, on its way to Heather Pass. There are camping spots here, and often water. Every step from here is better than the last, the views open up: Cutthroat Peak is right across the highway, Black Peak and the spikes of Early Winter Spires and countless other peaks all adorn the horizon.

Maple Pass Trail: Switchbacks headed down

Maple Pass Trail: Switchbacks headed down

Meadows of Green and Storm Clouds

Meadows of Green and Storm Clouds

Once you reach Maple Pass you can see south, into the Glacier Peak Wilderness and beyond. Soon the trail reaches its highest point and you can see the switchbacks steeply plunging down, down to the shores of Rainy Lake.

Wildflowers along the Maple Pass Trail

Wildflowers along the Maple Pass Trail

Storm Clouds along Maple Pass Trail

Storm Clouds along Maple Pass Trail

If you start later in the day (hit the trail at 2pm or so) you’ll get some wonderful light. Just remember to bring head lamps and flashlights for the hike down in the dark!

Mount Baker

Mount Baker
These images of Mount Baker were captured from the Park Butte Trail, on the south side of the mountain.

Mount Baker
I had stayed overnight at the lookout tower and was on the way down at sunrise.

Mount Baker
The rock formations on the left side of Mount Baker are called the Black Buttes.

Mount Baker
Merry Christmas!

Canvas Prints on Sale

Happy Holidays! Time for a Christmas Fire Sale!

Here is a sampling of Canvas Wrapped Prints which I have for sale, now. Below each image is its caption, size of print and price. Please message me if anything interests you!

Tulips Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 12″ x 41″ Canvas Wrapped Print $79.00

sunset through an open window Skagit Valley Sunset 23″ x 26″ Canvas Wrapped Print $59.00

Untitled_Panorama 4emm Sahale Glacier Camp, North Cascades National Park 15″ x 41″ Canvas Wrapped Print $79.00

AndyPorter_Shuksan_Landscape Mount Shuksan 12″ x 27″ Canvas Wrapped Print $59.00

AndyPorter_MountBaker_Landscape Mount Baker in the Morning Light 16″ x 24″ Canvas Wrapped Print $49.00

AndyPorter_CopperRidge_Landscape Copper Ridge, North Cascades National Park 12″ x 26″ Canvas Wrapped Print $49.00

skagit valley 1emm Skagit Valley from Sauk Mountain 18″ x 24″ Canvas Wrapped Print $59.00

carnival 2em Sedro-Woolley Carnival 20″ x 26″ Canvas Wrapped Print $59.00

Pasayten Wilderness Wildflowers on the PCT em Pasayten Wilderness Wildflowers on the PCT 12″ x 18″ Canvas Wrapped Print $39.00

Red Tulips Reflected, Skagit Valley Red Tulips Reflected, Skagit Valley 12″ x 18″ Canvas Wrapped Print $39.00

Red Tulips, Blue and Orange Sky Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 20″ x 30″ Canvas Wrapped Print $59.00

Morning at Sahale Glacier Camp Sahale Glacier Camp, North Cascades National Park
16″ x 22″ Canvas Wrapped Print $59.00

Point of the Arches, Olympic National Park Point of the Arches, Olympic National Park
12″ x 18″ Canvas Wrapped Print $39.00

Skagit Valley Skagit Valley Clouds
12″ x 18″ Canvas Wrapped Print $39.00

Sequim Balloon Festival Sequim Balloon Festival 12″ x 18″ Canvas Wrapped Print $39.00

Mount Logan and waterfall North Cascades National Park Mount Logan, North Cascades National Park20″ x 30″ Canvas Wrapped Print $59.00

Sunrise along Edison Slough

Edison is a small town in NW Washington, not far from Puget Sound. Located in Skagit County, Edison is just north of the town, Bow, along Chuckanut Drive. Heading west, passing through town the Bayview-Edison Road zig-zags and soon comes to a cause-way type bridge over the slough.

Here is a series of images from sunrise, 11/23/2013 from both sides of the bridge. barn 1em Here is a barn along the way, on Farm To Market Road…

These next 4 images are from just before the sun crested the horizon…

boat 6_1em

boat 7em

boat 8em

Once the morning sun’s rays arrived the scene changed, adding an entirely different light…
boat 1em

boat 4em

boat 14m

boat 15em

Walking back and forth along the top of the bridge there is a lot to capture!
boat 5em

boat 17em

These next two images are of the same boat, from opposite sides.
boat 9em

boat 11em

Crossing the road and looking south west here is the view of water.
boat 18em


The Enchantments is an area with in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, near Leavenworth, Washington.

Crammed into a small area there are myriad lakes, tarns and jagged peaks. One of the many allures of the Enchantments are the larches which turn bright orange and yellow in the fall. The juxtaposition of (hopefully) blue skies, green spruce, orange larch and as we encountered, white snow, is a wonder on the eyes!

To camp overnight requires a permit. To get a permit involves entering a lottery and hoping for good luck!

Earlier this year I decided to apply for the permits and was lucky enough to win a permit for October. However the weather at the start of October was horrific, high winds, a veritable deluge of rain and in the upper alpine zones, snow. By the time my allotted time came around things started to brighten up, and so, off I went.

enchatments 1em Parking area

enchatments 2em Foot Bridge at the start…

enchatments 3em Fall Colors on the way up

I managed to recruit two hardy souls to come along and we headed over Stevens Pass to Leavenworth and on up to the Snow Lakes Trail head. the first days hike was a little more than 10 miles and 4,000feet of elevation gain and we camped out on a sand bar along the shore of Upper Snow Lake.
enchatments 7em Upper Snow Lake
Day two brought partly sunny skies and we hoisted our heavy packs for the 4 mile hike up to Lake Viviane. The trail was steep in spots and there was much snow. The area around the lake was very windy, and it took some time to find a flat, sheltered place for the tent.
enchatments 20em Lake Viviane

enchatments 11em Lake Viviane

enchatments 19em Lake Viviane
The snow was as much as 2 to 3 feet deep in places. But so many people had traveled over the path that hiking was relatively easy.

At night I tried a few starry sky shots…
enchatments 14em

enchatments 12em

The 3rd day we awoke early to more sun and clouds and headed further up, on towards the Upper Lakes.
enchatments 37em

enchatments 22em

enchatments 27em

enchatments 34em

The mix of clouds, sky, larch and snow was perfect.
enchatments 41em

enchatments 24em

enchatments 26em

enchatments 36em

enchatments 40em

Leprechaun Lake was especially photogenic!
enchatments 32em

enchatments 30em

enchatments 31em

By late afternoon the skies looked decidedly dark and so we made our way back down to Upper Snow Lake and back to the car the next day…

I am definitely planning on entering the lottery again for the next years hiking season!

2014 Washington State Calendar for Sale!

The New Year is almost here…well not really, but it IS time to think about 2014 Calendars!!!

A BIG Thank You to everyone who offered input by voting for their favorite images! If one of your faves is missing I am sorry and will try to include them in the 2015 version!

Here are 12 images of Washington State: From the Mount Rainier to Mount Olympus, Skagit Valley to Puget Sound; balloons, tulips and glaciers, waterfalls and the Milky Way…all photographed in vibrant color…

Skagit Valley from Sauk MountainEnchantments, Fall 2013Moon and Orion just before sunrise, from Cypress IslandSequim Balloon Festival, Getting startedRed Tulips and Orange Sky, Skagit Valley, WashingtonGoat Rocks Wilderness
Liberty Bell from the Washington Pass Lookout on the North Cascades HighwayWildflowers at Jim Pass along the Pacific Crest Trail in the Pasayten WildernessMorning at Sahale Glacier CampHiking Along the Baker RiverMount BakerMt Olympus and Blue Glacier

2014 Washington State Calendar, a set on Flickr.

The Calendar is printed on thick (100#) White Linen Paper. The exact calendar size will be 12.5 x 18.5″. It is Wire Bound with calendar hanger.

The printing is magnificent, all of the images are very sharp.

The cost is $30.00 each with a $8.00 shipping cost (for shipping anywhere in the US, if you’d like it shipped overseas, email me for prices)

Send in your payments (checks or money orders only, please!) to:

Andy Porter
440 Nelson Street
Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284

The calendars will ship out within 24 hours of your order being received.

NOTE: The calendars are for sale in Sedro-Woolley at
The North Cascade Veterinary Hospital on Highway 20
The Sedro -Woolley Chamber of Commerce, located down town on Metcalf Street
Cook Chiropractic on 639 Sunset Park Drive
North Cascades National Park headquarters on Highway 20

Thank you!!


Here is the Cover Shot for the Calendar: AndyPorter_Goode_Landscape Goode Mountain, North Cascades National Park


These boats are deserted, moored and docked along a small inlet from Samish Bay, part of Puget Sound in Skagit County, Washington. boat 11em

boat 1em

boat 5em

boat 12em

boat 6em

boat 7em

boat 9em

Sahale Glacier Camp, North Cascades National Park – Sept. 2013

Every year I make the trip from my home in Sedro-Woolley up to Sahale Glacier Camp. And every time I go I am astounded at the wonder of the place…
Untitled_Panorama 4emm

The road up offered this scene, we almost careened off the Cascade River Road so I could stop for this shot.
Cascade River Road em

Cascade Pass is always a busy place, where lots of day-hikers, backpackers and climbers pause…
Pass 7em

Pass 3em

Pass 4em

Pass 5em

Pass 6em

The trail up to the Sahale Camp from Cascade Pass is just stunning…
Arm 7em

Sahale Arm 1 em

sunrise 4 em

I met a group of hikers from Seattle who let me take their picture!
Friends 10 em

Friends 8 em

Each camp spot is surrounded with turret-like stone walls, there is no bad site, all are perfect.
Camp 5em

The sunset was superb.
sunset 1em

sahale 8m
sahale 2em

sahale 4em

sahale 5em

The night was mostly cloudy, but the morning was picture perfect!
Morning at Sahale Glacier Camp 2 em

Untitled_Panorama 3mm em

Morning at Sahale Glacier Camp 1 em

We encountered several black-tail deer on the way back down.
deer em

I can’t wait to return!

Goat Rocks Wilderness, Washington

The Goat Rocks Wilderness is located in South-Central Washington along the spine of the Cascades Mountains. The Goat Rocks are the remains of a volcano, their jagged peaks jutting above the forest. With Mount Adams to the south and Mount Rainier to the north, the views are always awesome!
July brings snow melt and wildflowers. The wilderness is easy to access, camp sites abound and no permits are needed! Here are a few pictures!

Goat 8eem

Goat 22em

Goat 7-em

Goat 10em

Goat 14em

goat 2em

Goat 11m1em

Goat 3-em

Goat 9-em

Goat 15em

Goat 17em

Goat 18em

Goat 5-em

Goat 13em

Goat 19em

Goat 20em

Goat 21em

Several Tulip Festival Images…

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 11 rev
Sunrise at Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
Red Tulips Reflected, Skagit Valley

Lakeview Ridge, Pasayten Wilderness

Lakeview Ridge Panorama View from Lakeview Ridge

The highest point of the Pacific Crest Trail (7,126′) in Washington State is Lakeview Ridge in the Pasayten Wilderness. Only 8 miles south of the Canadian Border, Lakeview Ridge is a grand and dramatically fitting end to the 2,650-mile long trail.

Of course you don’t have to hike 2,642 miles to get there! The easiest approach is from the Harts Pass road just below Slate Peak. Here is a junction with the PCT, at more than 7,000 feet elevation and it is about a 20 mile hike to arrive there.

Incidentally, the Pacific Northwest Trail, stretching from Montana to the Pacific also travels this section of trail once known simply as the Cascade Crest.

Take Highway 20 to Mazama (just north of Winthrop) and follow the Harts Pass road 18 miles to Harts Pass. It can be a bit of a white knuckle drive! This is the highest place you can drive a car in the state.

The Pasayten Wilderness is more than half a million acres of splendor. Long ridges, endless meadows carpeted in herbaceous wildflowers, dotted with copses of larch and punctuated with stark crags that fill the horizon…
Three Fools Peak and wildflowers Three Fools Peak and wildflowers

No permits are needed for hiking, you can bring a dog and camp where you like.

The trail slowly descends towards Holman Pass and then makes a gentle ascent towards Rock Pass.

Before the pass is a fantastic place to camp near a spring, just below Powder Mountain. Tiny Goat Lakes are an easy jaunt away…
Parade Ground Panorama em Campsite below Goat Lakes

From Rock Pass the trail makes a slight dip, traversing a steep gully, before rising to Woody Pass. Here the trail crosses the Cascade Crest and views appear west to Mount Baker and the Picket Range. Rock Pass, from Woody Pass Rock Pass

On the PCT headed to Lakeview Ridge em On the Pacific Crest Trail, headed north towards Lakeview Ridge

The trail maintains its elevation as it heads north towards our destination. The views are superb. Rounding a last finger ridge you now start the final ascent to the top of the ridge.
Trail to Lakeview Ridge em Final section of trail

Snow lingers here well into august, so water is usually not an issue. .

There are many wonderfully scenic spots to pitch your tent. The only problem is deciding exactly which awesome view you want from your front door.
LVR Wildflowers em Looking north towards Jack Mountain

Three Fools Peak is the most prominent peak. Framed in lupines and paintbrush its dark, triangular visage juxtaposes nicely. Three Fools Peak and Paintbrush Three Fools Peak and Paintbrush

Smoky Mountain and Soda Peak, due east, form a colorful backdrop to the lakes below.
Three Fools Peak, Smoky Mountain and Soda Peak Three Fools Peak, Smoky Mountain and Soda Peak

To the north Castle Peak, Freeze Out and Joker Mountains guard one of the most remote parts of the wilderness, near Elbow Basin. Hopkins Lake Looking north, down the Devils Stairway to Hopkins Lake

To the west, across Ross Lake a sea of peaks rise, their many glaciers gleaming in the sun.

Wildflowers bloom well into August atop the ridge. The bright colors demanding that you take lots of pictures.
Three Fools Peak and wildflowers

backlit bear grass em

beargrassfrom lakeview ridge

Lakeview Ridge and Jack Mtn

Wildflowers along the trail to Lakeview Ridge
With out a doubt one of the best campsites in Washington, one I will visit again!

Mount Shuksan

mt shuksan 3
Mount Shuksan from Picture Lake

Mount Baker

baker ridge
Panorama of approach along Ptarmigan Ridge Trail

Mount Baker, Washington

Mount Baker From Artist Point

Mount Baker in the Morning Light, taken from the South on the Park Butte Trail Mount Baker in the Morning Light, taken from the South on the Park Butte Trail

Mount Baker in the Fall From Baker Lake Road

Mt Baker and Coleman Glacier From the Heliotrope Ridge Trail

Amphitheater Mountain from Upper Cathedral Lake

amphitheater mountain from upper cathedral lake and sunset2em
Amphitheater Mountain from Upper Cathedral Lake, Pasayten Wilderness, on the Pacific Northwest Trail

Boy on Bridge

Bridge over the baker river
Max on the bridge over the Upper Baker River

Skagit Valley Wet Winter Sunset Images!

Sun and mud, skies and water, blues and browns…3 images from tonight’s sunset.
sunset through an open window
lines into the sunsetsunset water

Skagit Sunset

Last Friday the sun popped out in the late afternoon with a glorious tone. I was able to capture some small part of the mud and sun and colors here…sunset 4
Skagit Sunset, 1/25/2013

Trees along the Baker River in the Morning Light

Baker River trees
Trees in Morning Light

Wildflowers in the Mist, Pasayten Wilderness

Wildflowers in the Mist, Pasayten Wilderness
Wildflowers in the Mist, Pasayten Wilderness. Along the Devils Dome Trail

Horseshoe Basin, Pasayten Wilderness

Horseshoe Basin, in the Pasayten Wilderness is one of the few places in the lower 48 states where you can find wide expanses of tundra. In July when the snow has just melted the basin is alive with myriad wildflowers sprouting out of the grass as far as you can see.
This first image is from the trail junction where the trail from Iron Gate meets the Boundary Trail (also known as the Pacific Northwest Trail).
horseshoe basin trail junction em
As you progress westward on the PNT through the glory of Horseshoe Basin you will soon encounter Louden Lake. If you visit here in the fall the lake is little more than a small mud pond, but in early summer the wide flat lake provides ideal reflective qualities! And hordes of mosquitoes!
Louden Lake em

Storm King and Goode Mountain, North Cascades National Park

Storm King and Goode Mountain from Upper North Fork Bridge Creek Valley
Storm King and Goode Mountain from Upper North Fork Bridge Creek Valley

On the Road to Iron Gate Trailhead, Pasayten Wilderness

On the Road to Iron Gate Trailhead, Pasayten Wilderness
On the Road to Iron Gate Trailhead, Pasayten Wilderness

Horseshoe Basin, North Cascades National Park

Horsshoe Basin
On the trail heading up to Horseshoe Basin, North Cascades National Park

Black warrior mine
Looking out of Black Warrior Mine, Horseshoe basin

Horseshoe basin down the valley
On the trail heading down from Horseshoe basin


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