Mountain Goat at Sahale Glacier Camp, North Cascades National Park 3

Sahale Camp Mountain Goat

Just back from a trip to the North Cascades National Park, 2 nights, 3 days, visited my favorite camp, Sahale Glacier Camp.

This morning I awoke at 5am, got some sunrise shots and then the camp got a visitor.

This goat was pawing the ground and I was nearby, snapping away, then he got a bit interested in me and the camera!

I was shooting with a 24-105mm lens, set to 30mm (on a full frame camera) so my furry friend was a bit closer than he looks on the pictures!

Paintbrush and Lupine, Pasayten Wilderness 2

Flickr Milestone – 2 Million Views!

I began using Flickr to showcase my images in 2007. It has been a successful site for me, I have sold many images to web site and publishers that they discovered from the Flickr Page.

Here is the link.

Last week I surpasses 2,000,000 views!

The first million views took 7 years, the second million, only 2!

Flickr is easy to use, uploading is fast, and I can create albums and galleries to gather groupings of images for submissions.

Flickr also has a cool feature called Explore, where the best 100 images are culled each day.

I have been lucky, more than 30 of my images have made it into Explore. here is the one that pushed me over the 2,000,000 mark.

Spider Meadows Wildflowers 6


Sunset at Maple Pass, North Cascades

Lake Ann Maple Pass Loop

I hiked the Lake Ann Maple Pass Loop om Wednesday, Aug. 3rd. The wildflowers are almost at peak.

As always, a fantastic trip!


Artist Point NCI Class 2

Recent Night Sky Images

Over the past 3 weeks I have visited the Pasayten Wilderness, the Glacier Peak Wilderness, Winchester Mountain Lookout (twice), Artist Point – for a North Cascades Institute Class and the Diablo Overlook – for a North Cascades National Park  class.

The Glacier Peak trip was not during ht e new moon, but I was able to get a few good shots early in the night, before moon rise. I was out working to capture an image of the tent at Upper Lyman Lake, with the Milky Way behind, over Spider Gap. I could clearly hear and animal sniffing around. It was a deer, come to find place where anyone peed, to lick the spot for any lingering salt.

I decided to see if I could capture the deer in the image, and it worked pretty well!

The Winchester Mountain Look out is a perfect place to spend the night and shoot night sky images…

The Night Sky Photo Class that I lead though the North Cascades Institute was held at Artist Point. There were 14 of us, we parked at the Artist Point rest area and started to hike to Huntoon Point. There were more than 50 other night sky photo enthusiasts there, all out along the same trail! We asked and were told that they were all from Vancouver, BC! The skies got cloudy, but we managed a  few shots.

The last class was on Aug. 1st, another Night Sky Photo Class, this one through the North Cascades National Park, as a part of the NPS Centennial. About 15 people arrived and we hung out at the overlook, trying to learn the basic tools of night sky capture.

There are two New Moons in September, on the 1st and 30th! If you’re interested in a Night Sky Photo Tour, here are the details!

Winchester Mountain Sunset 2

An evening at Winchester Mountain Lookout

I made it up to the Winchester Mountain Lookout last week, I wanted to reconnoiter a bit for an upcoming Photo Tour that’s scheduled. When I arrived the lookout was already claimed by 2 people, and then 8 more recent high school grads showed up, so it was a busy night there for the sunset! I managed a few decent shots!

Spider Meadows Wildflowers 2

Spider Meadows Wildflowers

Just back from Glacier Peak Wilderness, traveled in and out via Spider Meadows.

My brain goes into sensory overload when I see all those colors! I love it!

I have seen more flowers, and denser stands of flowers elsewhere, but never such a varied array at once.

Purple, yellow, white, red and green, it was awesome!

Trying to capture the scene is not easy! I just started, took a few steps and kept shooting, each viewpoint offering a different scene.