Fir Island Barn 2a

Fir Island Barn and Snow Geese

Fir Island is part of the Skagit River delta. Farms, barns and many types of migratory birds visit.

Here are several images of geese and a barn.

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First Beach


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First Beach 3


Cascade Loop - Diablo Overlook

Diablo Overlook Night Sky

Last night I was leading a Night Sky Photography Class at the North Cascades Institute.

The class went very well, due in major part to the clear skies we were lucky enough to have.

I spent most of my time advising and helping people get their settings right and compose images, but I did manage to get a few cool images as well.

Diablo Dam January 2016

This image is of Diablo Lake and Ross Dam. The snow in the foreground adds a nice balance to the image.

As I awaited the students to return to the vans for the ride back to NCI I wandered out towards the highway and saw a sign for the Cascade Loop Scenic Highway.

Cascade Loop - Diablo Overlook

This and the road and starry sky presented a wonderful opportunity.

I lead Night Sky Photo Tours each month, when there is no moon. This link gives the dates for each month this year (through September) as well as other details and a way to register for your own adventure!

Night Sky and North Cascades Photo Tours are available for anyone. We can arrange to do a Drive-In tour, where we stop along the North Cascades Highway of the Mount Baker Highway to capture images, OR we can arrange hiking tours (both day hikes and overnights) to more remote locations in the North Cascades as well.

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Photography Classes in Burlington

Andy Porter Photography Classes in BurlingtonSunrise on the Ferry 2

Beginning in January, 2016 I will be teaching a series of Photo Classes in Burlington, Washington.

All the details for the Burlington Photo Classes are below.

I am also teaching much the same classes in Bellingham, Marysville, Anacortes and Friday Harbor! See details for these at the bottom of the page.

Better Pictures with your DSLR Camera-Level 1 (3 hr class)
Instructor: Andy Porter
Saturday, January 23 (10am-1pm)
Thursday, February 11 (6-9pm)
Saturday, March 12 (10am-1pm)
Fee: $40
Is your DSLR always set on auto? Quality images start with understanding manual exposure. Cover bracketing, polarizers, and the benefits of capturing images in the RAW format and more. Lots of time for hand-on instructor and Q & A. Learn to use your camera to create the image you want. Come with your camera and owner’s manual.
Location: Burlington Parks and Recreation Center 900 E. Fairhaven Ave
Register one week ahead! 360-755-9649 (Visa/MC ok over phone)

Better Pictures with your DSLR Camera-Level 2 (3 hr class)
Instructor: Andy Porter
Saturday, February 20 (10-1pm)
Thursday, March 17 (6pm-9pm)
Fee: $40
This class is for anyone who has completed the DSLR Basics Class or someone that has a firm grasp of shooting images in the manual mode. Learn about different lenses, how to use them effectively, delve deep into aperture, depth of field, and shutter speed. Learn how to master these settings and create stunning, unique images. Class will also cover advanced details of focusing, use of a tripod, and tips on how to capture images at night.
Location: Burlington Parks and Recreation Center 900 E. Fairhaven Ave
Register one week ahead! 360-755-9649 (Visa/MC ok over phone)

Winchester Mountain Lookout

Winchester Mountain Lookout

Composition: How to take Awesome Photos with ANY Camera (3 hr class)
Instructor: Andy Porter
Wednesday, Feb 17 (6pm-9pm)
Saturday, March 5 (10am-1pm)
Fee: $40
Having an “eye” for photography is an acquired skill. This class covers the basics of composition that can be used with ANY camera-point and shoot or DSLR.
Learn subject placement, use of the horizon, reflections, leading lines, the Rule of Thirds, framing and more!
Location: Burlington Parks and Recreation Center 900 E. Fairhaven Ave
Register one week ahead! 360-755-9649 (Visa/MC ok over phone)

Photo Editing: Learn the Basics and Software Conversations (3 hr class)
Instructor: Andy Porter
Thursday, March 10 (6pm-9pm)
Fee: $40
Ever try to capture a fantastic scene, only to be disappointed with the results? To create an image that looks just like what you saw, especially in low light situations, you are going to have to edit the image. Discussion will include different types of editing software, edit student’s images in class, learn tips and tools for you to use in your journey into this new, exciting world.
Location: Burlington Parks and Recreation Center 900 E. Fairhaven Ave
Register one week ahead! 360-755-9649 (Visa/MC ok over phone)

I am also teaching much the same classes in Bellingham, Marysville, Anacortes and Friday Harbor!

Here is a link to the calendar and schedule of classes. Find the month you’d like to attend, click on a class and you’ll see the time, cost and location details and a link to register.

Photo Tours
Would you like to get photo training out in the field? I offer Photography Tours as well. These tours are for anyone who is interested to take their imaging skills to the next level. Small groups (1 to 4 people) intimate knowledge of the area and lots of advice on setting exposure, composing images and more make these trips a wonderful experience. North Cascades Photo Tours, Tulip Festival Photo Tours, Night Sky Imaging Tours and more. Find out more about Washington Photo Tours here.

Sunrise on the Ferry 10

Washington State Ferry Sunrise

Washington State Ferry Sunrise

Not long ago I got lucky. I made a reservation to ride the ferry from Coupeville  (on Whidbey Island) to Port Townsend (on the Olympic Peninsula).

My final destination was Olympic National Park and I wanted to catch the earliest ferry in the morning to allow me more time frolicking on the beach.

I arose at 5am and made a beeline for the ferry. My arrival at the ferry terminal was just before sunrise. The dissolving  darkness progressed from a solely black and white light show to Technicolor.

Ferry 4 Ferry 5

Its amazing how fast the colors materialize…and disappear. I managed to get a few shots of purple, violet and magenta clouds as they enveloped the world.

So wrapped up in the orgy of color was I that the ferry was almost missed!

Dashing to board at the last second my dream morning of orange, yellow, pink, blue (oh, what blues!) and countless shades of wonder beckoned me,  and I followed.

Wandering about the ship, through the cabins, onto the decks, down the stairs, back and forth and through.

It was a wondrous adventure of sky and sea, colors and textures, a very magical moment.




Looking at the stars 2 sq

Longest Night of the Year


Palouse Falls

Longest Night of the Year

Tonight is the longest night of the year (assuming you live on the northern hemisphere)

The creeping darkness has reached its apex.

Mt Baker Stars Nov

Mount Baker from Park Butte Lookout

Tomorrow the days begin to lengthen.

For now, night rules.

But who ever said that darkness was a bad thing?

It provides the opportunity to observe the starry heavens and witness, with awe, the strip of the Milky Way.

Gazing in towards the center of our galaxy one can imagine its black hole, there at the core, consuming light .

And then you remember (in case you ever forgot) that it’s awesome to be alive.

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Happy Solstice!


Morning light

North Fork Bridge Creek

North Fork Bridge Creek Waterfall and Mount Logan, North Cascades National Park 2015The North Fork Bridge Creek Trail is one of the most scenic trails in the North Cascades National Park.

Goode Mountain, North Cascades National Park

Goode Mountain, North Cascades National Park

Winding its way up the valley towards North Fork Meadows you will see fantastic views of Goode Mountain, the highest peak in the North Cascades National Park at 9,220 feet, rising over 6,000 feet from its footings, and almost 7,000 feet from the bottom of Bridge creek valley.

Sign to North Fork MeadowsThe often brushy trail is 7 miles long and gains about 1,700 feet from start to end. To get there hike 10 miles south on the Pacific Crest Trail from Highway 20 .

You’ll ford Grizzly Creek and then break out into the open with views like this one. North Fork MeadowsTo purchase prints of these images (as well as other stunning images of the North Cascades, visit our Photo Gallery.

Following the creek up towards the head of the valley into North Fork Meadows, Mount Logan looms above.

The lush green swards are filled with flowers, as well as hordes of flies in July and early August and often there are bears foraging along your way. Bear on the PCT Bear at Horseshoe Basin

No matter what the weather, you’ll get wet pushing through the brush.

Seven miles from the junction, the North Fork Trail ends at the base of a fantastic waterfall with Mount Logan as a spectacular back drop.

Camping is available at Grizzly Creek and Walker Park.

Or you can camp at the North Fork Camp, located at the trail Junction of the PCT and North Fork Trail.

If you would like information about a North Cascades Photo Tour, here is the place to start!