North Cascades National Park

I recently received a photo request from a magazine, asking me to submit images of North Cascades National Park.

Usually photo requests are more specific, asking for images of a trail or peak, but in this case it was for the entire park!

This starts me on a mission to reconnoiter all image folders, not only looking for old favorites but also scanning for ‘diamonds in the rough’ so to speak, missed in earlier searches.

Its fun to review, though a bit laborious to scan and re-edit images.

These are the images I submitted.

Now the hopeful waiting starts to see if any are chosen!

These images are all for sale as canvas wrapped prints and standard prints. Here is the gallery to view them and order! 

If you would like to go on a North Cascades Photo Tour, day hiking or overnight backpacking to these locations and capturing images, here is the link with details!

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