2014 Highlights

There were many highlights photo-wise in 2014.
I had two images chosen for the cover of Northwest Travel Magazine. Not a bad way to start the year!

Northwest Travel May June 2014

Northwest Travel May June 2014

NW Travel Magazine March-April 2014

NW Travel Magazine March-April 2014

Four published articles on Seattle Backpackers Magazine:
Salmon Encounters
Cabin Fever
Shooting the Milky Way
Back Country Photo Essentials: Wide Angle lens

This image of Sahale Glacier Camp in North Cascades National Park got a lot of coverage. It was chosen as an Honorable Mention and is on display in the Smithsonian Museum, in Washington DC.

Sunrise, Steven Mather Wilderness - North Cascades National Park

Sunrise, Steven Mather Wilderness – North Cascades National Park

A new book was about the North Cascades was published by Braided River and the Mountaineers: “The North Cascades, Finding Beauty and Renewal in the Wild Nearby” and I was lucky enough to have 3 images in the book.
Hiking along Sahale Arm

Hiking along Sahale Arm

I made a trip to Palouse Falls State park and captured an image for the Milky Way over the Falls.
Palouse Falls State Park

Palouse Falls State Park

And managed to get images of the four tallest Mountains in Washington State.
Mount Rainier from Crystal Mountain Resort

Mount Rainier from Crystal Mountain Resort

Park Butte Lookout and Mount Baker

Park Butte Lookout and Mount Baker

Glacier Peak

Glacier Peak

Mount Adams and the Milky Way, Goat Rocks Wilderness

Mount Adams and the Milky Way, Goat Rocks Wilderness

2015 is looking to be another great year.
I have a new schedule of photography classes coming up.

And new articles and images being published in the Mountaineers Magazine and Backpacker Magazine.

I will also be teaching photo classes through the North Cascades Institute, more on that soon.

Travel Plans for the new year include a Washington State Tour, the Enchantments, Olympic National Park, Glacier National Park and a nighttime Tour of Mountain Lookouts in the summer.

Thanks for being there and happy trails to you all!

Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat at North Cascades National Park
This mountain goat came early one morning to visit at Sahale Glacier Camp in North Cascades National Park. Mountain Goat at North Cascades National Park
The tent sites are atop three big piles of rubble, from the glacier above.
Mountain Goat at North Cascades National Park
The goat was hanging out looking for places where someone had peed so that he could get some salt!
The goat had a minimum safe distance of about 10 feet. He was happy to be that close, but if I took one step closer he would back off that same distance.
Mountain Goat at North Cascades National Park
The large white mountain way in the distance here is Mount Rainier.
Mountain Goat at North Cascades National Park

Sahale Camp Photomerge

Photomegre is one of the multitude of Photoshop Tools. It is a system of merging 2 or more images into a panorama.
Here are two original jpeg images from Sahale Glacier Camp. I took these with the thought in mind to later merge them. using a tripod I captured one image and carefully swung the camera on the tripod and lined up the second one. It wasn’t any fancy movement, I made note in my mind of where the frame’s edge was and pointed the camera in the approximate place to take up where the first image left off, planning for some overlap. I was using a 24 mm lens. I set my image quality when capturing the images so that I would have both a RAW file and a jpeg of the shots.
IMG_1468 em

IMG_1469 em

Once back home I opened both of the raw files together in Photoshop CS6 and synchronized them so that what ever changes I made to one were duplicated on the other. I worked to lighten the foreground and darken the sky. Using the sliders for highlights, shadows, exposure, clarity, whites and contrast I played around until I liked the result.

I also used the brush tool on the foreground to bring out more details on the rocks.

I saved the images as jpeg files. Here they are. sa 3em
sa 3_1em

Once this was done and images saved I went to Photomerge, selected the two modified images and let Photoshop work its magic. Untitled_Panorama 1201 em

Opening the panorama as a jpeg image I filled in the corners using the clone stamp tool and tweaked the levels settings a bit, and Viola! Here is the final image.

Sahale Glacier Camp, North Cascades National Park

I have printed the image as a 40″ x 15″ canvas print and it is very stunning.

Skagit Valley Greening Cards for Sale!

I have updated the cost of the cards and locations where you can purchase them!
Skagit Valley Greening Cards for Sale!

The 10 images below are now printed on 5.5″ x 8″ thick linen finish paper. They have a luxurious feel to them and the colors are magnificent. One side is the image an the other side has the name and location of the image. They can be send as post cards, but come individually sealed in a plastic sleeve with an envelope.

Price is $3.50 each; a bundle of one of each (10 cards) for $25.
Wholesale pricing available!

The shipping cost varies based on the number of cards you’d like, email me for prices

Send in your payments (checks or money orders only, please!) to:

Andy Porter
440 Nelson Street
Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284

The cards will ship out within 24 hours of your order being received.

Here is a list of locations where you can purchase the cards:

In Mount Vernon
Skagit Valley Hospital Main Pharmacy, in the Skagit Regional Clinic Building
Skagit Valley Hospital at their new River Bend Facility Pharmacy
In Sedro-Woolley
Simply Silver and More located on Metcalf Street in Downtown Sedro Woolley
Hoagland Pharmacy on Highway 20
Sedro Woolley Auto Licensing and Chamber of Commerce office on Metcalf Street
In La Conner
Caffe Jubilee on First Street

red tulips blue and orange sky Skagit Valley Tulips

DCF 1.0 Sahale Glacier Camp, North Cascades National Park

carnival 5em Sedro-Woolley Carnival

Orange sky, pink tulips Orange Sky, Pink Tulips @ Skagit Valley

mt baker Mount Baker

Sahale Arm Trail,  North Cascades National Park Sahale Arm Trail, North Cascades National Park

Light and Tulips Light and Tulips

Point of the Arches Point of the Arches, Olympic National Park

waterfall 2-Recovered em Indian Creek Waterfall, North Cascades National Park

Arches National Park, Utah Arches National Park

On the Cover of Northwest Travel magazine

Here is an image I captured and it is now on the cover of the May/June Issue of Northwest Magazine! The image is Mount Logan and a waterfall on the North Fork Bridge Creek Trail, North Cascades National Park. One of my favorite places in the North Cascades…Here is a link describing how to get there!
Northwest Travel May June 2014
Here is my full sized original image:
Mount Logan from North Fork Bridge Creek, North Cascades National Park

“Wilderness 50″ Celebration

2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Wilderness Act. In September of 1964 President Johnson signed into law the Wilderness Act, one of the most important pieces of legislation in the US regarding protection and preservation of Wilderness.

Wilderness 50 “The 50th Anniversary National Wilderness Planning Team (Wilderness50) is a growing coalition of federal agencies, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and other wilderness user groups whose purpose is to plan and eventually implement local, regional, and national events and projects, specifically designed to elevate the profile of wilderness during the 50th anniversary celebration.”

One of their programs was to hold a photo contest and use the winning images as a part of their plans to inform people about the significance of the Wilderness Act.

More than 50 images were chosen and these will be displayed as large format prints in the Smithsonian Museum, in Washington DC starting in September!

I submitted several images to the competition and this image, here was chosen as an Honorable Mention in the People in Wilderness Category and will be used on signage for the various events and displayed in the museum.
Morning at Sahale Glacier Camp Sahale Glacier Camp in the Steven Mather Wilderness in North Cascades National Park, in Washington.

As a part of the process I was asked to submit a personal story about the image. Here it is:

“My connection with wilderness began when I was 16. I spent a month in the Sawtooth Wilderness in Idaho, learning how to backpack, climb and survive. The trip changed my life and encouraged me to continue. Treks along the Pacific Crest Trail and the Andes followed.

Then my life changed again and I was off on a different purpose. For almost 20 years I followed the light only to wind up in the darkness. And then I felt the wilderness call to me again, beckoning me back into her arms.

I had packed my old life in boxes and uncovering them produced an old hiking guide. I scoured it and found the most exciting sounding trip in there, recruited a few friends to accompany me and off we started.

I had forgotten what mileage and elevation gain portended and as we began our trip up to Sahale Camp. It slowly came back to me, what sweat and struggle were all about.

We finally made it to the camp well after dark and collapsed in our tent.

This image was captured the next morning. My life was changed anew; I had found a new purpose. Wilderness had rescued me again.”

I am excited and proud that any image of mine would be used to promote and protect wilderness!