Tulip Pictures

I go to the tulip fields often in the spring. The early and late light with moody clouds can be pretty awesome.

Last year I visited 8 times, and because there are so many images of the same things they tend to blur…

I had occasion to look inĀ  folder from the last years Tulip Festival and found these beauties.

Skagit Valley Tulips Sunrise and Sunset

I have to admit that I have a cool job: taking people out for Photo Tours at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival…

So far this year I have visited the tulip fields 14 times. Each visit is different, the light, sky and clouds change very rapidly.

This first set of images is from a sunrise photo shoot. After finding the one lone red tulip and capturing it with a nice sky background, I was pulled towards the field workers and their truck nearby…

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I was mystified about what they were doing, collecting huge bundles of tulips and unceremoniously tossing them in the back of a big truck!

Then, the next evening I was out on a rather gray day, very dull…until just before sunset when the clouds thinned a bit and the most magnificent colors popped out for a short while. The tractor was, of course a magnet.

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Imaging Tulips

Once you’ve been out to take pictures of the tulips as many times as I have you start to get a bit bored with the standard images of rows of flowers and the usual shots. Skagit Valley Tulips

I have tried to find some different elements to add to the image, something in the foreground maybe to create a bit of the different look and feel.

Water and reflections do the trick nicely, accenting the colors and maybe the sky.

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Living so close by affords more opportunity to visit often, and so I can make it there for sunrises and sunsets easily. Nothing adds more to a tulip shot than an dramatic sky!

Finding interesting foreground elements is based on where the tulips are each year. Every new year the crops are rotated. Some years they are near a barn, others a grove of trees…

This year (2016) is more difficult, the only interesting foreground element was a school bus. These are from sunrise on March 30.

Including people in the images is also an option, one I tend to avoid, but often with good results.

The two (so far) elusive shots I dream of are: a huge, gob-smacking rainbow over the tulips, and as unlikely as it may be, lightning firing above the fields. One can always hope!

Skagit Valley Tulips, Sky and Barn

I visit the tulip fields in Skagit Valley many times each year. I try to go when the skies will be colorful. Its not easy to guess when that will be! These images are all from 2015. It was a rainy,wet day. Not the sort of day you’d think to go tulip hunting. But just as the sun started to set the skies cleared. here are a few image! More information on Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Photo Tours here!

La Conner Daffodil Festival 2016

Skagit Valley Tulip and Daffodil Festival Photo Tours

Daffodil Photo Tours start Feb 21! Here is the link with the details!

Every spring the fields of the Skagit Valley explode with colors.

First the daffodils arrive, spilling yellow and green paint buckets over the browns and grays left over from winter.

These daffodil images were taken on Sunday, Feb. 21 2016 at sunrise!

Depending upon the weather this happens any where between late February and early March. In 2015 we had full fields of daffodils abloom in the third week of Feb. and it looks like we may see the same this year.

Skagit Valley Tulip and Daffodil Photo Tours get info on registering here.
Tulips arrive 3 to 4 weeks later, anywhere from mid to late March into April. fields upon fields of tulips of all shapes and colors spread across the valley their quilt like pattern changing each year with the annual field rotations.

The valleys main tulip grower, Roozengaarde updates their Bloom Map each day or so, showing where the fields are and when they are in bloom.

What is a Photo Tour? A Photo Tour is a guided tour specifically for anyone who would like to capture stunning images. Each sprint I spend time reconnoitering the fields, noting where are the best views and backdrops. I can offer advice for not only the best locations but also tips on exposure and composition as well as post editing so that you come away with fantastic images.

I also offer North Cascades Photo Tours and Night Sky Imaging Photo Tours as well.

These are tulip images from years past…